Listening to Social Networks


People are creating relationships in Social Networks making new friends, following each other and recommending tips to each other. They engage with content by expressing their opinion with likes, ratings and comments. SNALizzner creates a social graph to analyze and detect social behaviour patterns, emerging trends and social objects, and lists influencers and their communities.

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Social Media Monitoring

  • Define a keyword combination to search for mentions in internet pages (blogs, forum, news) and social networks (Twitter, Instagram)
  • Capture all interactivity (posts, comments, likes) for a specific Twitter account, Facebook page, Foursquare Venue, Instagram Profile
  • Engagement, Top users, mentions, hashtags, authors, web sites
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Brand Sentiment
  • Tweet Crisis Alerts
  • Every report downloadable in csv format

Social Analytics

  • Fan Value
  • Connected Value
  • Consumer Profile
  • Recommendations
  • Download influencers and opinion leaders for integration in your social-CRM
  • Visualize the network of your top influencers
  • Monitor the quality of your community and influencers












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